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Why Choose Remus Exhaust for Your Car

Remus is an Austria-based muffler maker that has been designing, manufacturing, and selling world class exhaust systems for quite a few years. They are an excellent choice of exhaust brands if you're looking to add performance and a great sounding exhaust tone to your vehicle! Another great benefit is this company makes all of their exhausts out of stainless steel, and they add a high-temperature veneer to protect the stainless steel. This manufacturing process makes for a truly long lasting and enduring, high quality exhaust. You can be pretty much guaranteed that these exhausts will outlast the life of your vehicle. Not to mention Remus builds some of the best sounding, high tonal exhausts on the market. The History of Remus & Their Manufacturing Process: Remus designed their first exhaust system and began operations in Germany where they designed exhaust solutions for motorcycles and "crotch rockets".

Eventually the company's product line evolved to include exhaust systems for performance car applications as well. The Remus manufacturing process begins with the shaping of various raw materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon fiber. These materials are then converted into an exhaust system using the organization's state of the art laser-guided, computer controlled cutting system as well as various CNC machines. The company then goes on to the next phase of the development process which is the sound tuning and testing of the exhaust systems. Remus-One of a Kind Sound Of all of the benefits and advantages of Remus systems, the most discussed in the aftermarket world is the sound these exhausts produce. Unlike many aftermarket exhaust systems-Remus provides a deep, throaty sound that will differentiate your car from the "ricey" high pitched tune of many cheaper knockoff products.

Many aftermarket enthusiasts have compared the sound of Remus to that of a Ferrari or Lamborghini! In fact, if you're looking for proof just visit many of the YouTube videos that display the exhaust systems high quality sound. There are numerous videos of Remus Exhausts exemplifying the true enhancement in overall sound quality. In addition, Remus provides better customer service then most competitors and has a great reputation for top notch service.

Ryan is the owner of a site that sells Remus exhaust systems.

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