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Flash Video Downloader

Watching YouTube or another embedded video, you often want to get this video for your own computer. Now you can do it in a simple way. There are dozens of services to download a video from different sites, the most of them can just copy a video from YouTube and nothing more. We offer you a new fast and simple way to download videos from different sites, like YouTube ( or MySpace Video (vids.myspace.

com). Now we support almost all popular video services like YouTube (, Google Video (, MySpace Video (vids.myspace.

com), DailyMotion (, Metacafe (, (break.

com), (, Spike (, (, YourFileHost (yourfilehost.

com) and others. You don't need any other programm to work with the service. How does it work? All you need is to copy the URL of the page with the video and paste it into the form at our page. Just click "Download!" and the video will be copied into your computer. After downloading you get a video in a flv-format, which work with a flv-players and could be converted into avi-file. There a lot of free FLV-players and converters in the Internet, so it's not hard to find and to install one.

Also we try to make the downloading more simple for you! You can install a special button in your browser and download videos via ONE click. We have buttons for Mozilla Firefox and for Internet Explorer. For installing the button follow the guide near the installation link at the page. Just use one of this button into your browser and enjoy a huge amount of new opportunities, provided by our service: download every interesting clip or other video via one click without any trouble with programms, connection or registration at different portals. One service, one button, one click to get every interesting video you want.

Flash Video Downloader helps you to download embedded flash video from YouTube-like video sharing websites with no download link available.

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Flash Video Downloader - Watching YouTube or another embedded video, you often want to get this video for your own computer.

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