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Upgrading To Lcd Monitors Five Reasons

Things have changed radically in the last few years on the computer front. After years of domination by CRT(Cathode-Ray Tube) monitors, increasingly things are moving towards LCD Monitors. If you still have a bulky monitor connected to your computer, now may be the time to upgrade to an LCD monitor. The new models of LCD monitors take up less space, with a larger display and seem to be getting cheaper by the day. First off, they have a much smaller footprint than your normal monitor.

What that means is it takes up much less space on your desk. It's not nearly as bulky. Second, LCD monitors have drastically dropped in price. They are much cheaper than they ever have been before. You can routinely find 19 inch LCD monitors for sale for under $200.

Just a few years ago, LCD monitors were double to triple the price of a normal CRT monitor. These prices have equalized just in the last year or two. Third, they are larger than ever.

I'm talking pure screen size. The most popular size of normal/CRT monitors was 15", while many LCD's are coming in at 19" or larger. It means you get more on your screen at one time, plus it looks larger and clearer than ever before. Fourth, with most LCD Monitors the display quality has improved dramatically.

Now, it's not necessary to sacrifice quality in order to have a smaller monitor. In most cases, LCD monitors are brighter, faster, and clearer than ordinary CRT monitors. Fifth, many newer computers and newer graphic cards assume you're using an LCD, hence they only have a monitor connection port which connects to an LCD.

In this way normal monitors are being phased out, slowly but surely. These five reasons should give you plenty of ammunition to help you with your choice to upgrade to an LCD monitor. It makes more sense now than ever to upgrade and move to this new technology. In just a few years it won't matter much anyway, as you'll be forced to use an LCD monitor.

Why not get a head start?.

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