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Samsung YPT MP Player GB

Adding to the ever-growing crop of media players with wireless features is the Samsung T10, a 4GB flash device with integrated stereo Bluetooth functionality. At $170, it's not the most competitively-priced player on the block, but it's packed with features and comes in your choice of five high-gloss colors (black, white, green, red, and purple). For style-conscious users who want a multifunctional device, the T10 hits the mark, but audio purists and those who prefer tactile controls should look elsewhere. The T10 scores first for its solid body and pleasing design. The front is covered with a glossy translucent plastic with a white base. The vibrant 2-inch QVGA screen is off set by backlit touch sensitive controls that are situated along its base.

The back brushed aluminum cover minimizes shock when dropped and the scratches that shiny surfaces are prone to is not an issue here. The lack of a miniUSB port forced us to stick with its proprietary cable. We reviewed a 2GB version; there are both 4 and 8GB version as well. The interface is user friendly and intuitive with different customizable settings. The specification sheet suggests a pretty beefed-up player. The T10 comes with an FM radio, the latest word in Bluetooth stereo, a voice recorder, a host of screensavers and display options, and a pretty generous range of format support, including WMV, JPEG, MP3, WMA and text files.

After the recommended 3-hours of initial charging, we started loading our media files and with the USB 2.0 support we filled up 2GB of memory in no time. Once fully charged, it took a quick 8 seconds to boot up which was really impressive. The interface was easy to use and the overall response during our operations was fast though there was a slight lag while switching EQ presets.

The sensitive controls require precise handling but that is easy enough to get used to. Additionally the keypad is very sensitive and as it is touch sensitive, it can mean you move through menus to go to areas you don't want to before you know it. It's a problem that affects the company's phones and it seems here to. As for the Bluetooth connectivity, again like the interface and pretty much all of the player it was incredibly easy to you with the pairing process simple to do. The T10 has to be one of the lightest and slimmest players.

It's not quite credit card thin at 7.9mm, but you pop it in your jeans pocket at your peril, because you're highly likely to forget it's there. It's also Bluetooth enabled, has an FM radio built in, and a claimed 30-hour battery life, all of which make it really stand out. In addition to Rhapsody support, the Samsung T10 offers a multitude of other features. As the color screen suggests, you may play back photos and videos, though video support is limited to Samsung's proprietary SVI format and very particular WMV files.

Transco ding to SVI via Samsung Media Studio is a mixed bag, so we recommend just running videos through Windows Media Player, which will convert to the proper-size WMV. The player also offers a voice recorder and an FM tuner with an auto preset mode and recorder, as well as support for Data casts.

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