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Mozila Is Enough To Stay Secure On The Internet

Discover why browsing the net with a secure browser is not enough to be totally secure on the Internet and discover which other programs are recommended to guard your privacy. Computer security is not built into a new computer because the systems, which are already downloaded into a new computer, have not been tested against current hacker attacks. Too much software is built to interact with "well behaved" computers, so they have weak defenses to stop intruders. Therefore, PC owners must learn very quickly the weaknesses of PC systems and what to do to protect their computer from intruders. One of the most important ways to protect a PC effectively is using a secure web browser, such as Mozila.

Every new computer owner needs to install an anti-virus program before connecting to the Internet. An anti-virus program is essential and these are available in the retail store where the computer is purchased. Often the technicians will download a program for the new owner at the time of the purchase.

Other programs needed to protect the computer are a Spam blocker to keep dirty emails out of the email inbox. Spam emails often contain harmful viruses such as worms, Trojans, Spyware and other applications meant to steal information or physically cause harm to a computer. The Mozila browser also will help to stop many of those threats. New computers need a pop-up blocker to prevent unwanted ads from popping up on a web page.

Pop-up windows often carry Viruses and Spyware, so if you click on those, your PC could get infected and maybe you won't be able to reboot until you reinstall the operating system. If a pop-up shows up, the best defense is close the browser and this will prevent a harmful pop-up from opening. A good pop-up blocker prevents these irritating and potentially harmful ads from entering our computer. The Mozila Browser comes with a useful and free pop-up blocker. Instead of protecting yourself from every possible threat, it is better to purchase your PC with one software including all the security applications needed.

Some companies offer complete security software, including popup blockers, anti-virus, anti-spyware and email filters such as Trend Micro, Symantec and McAfee. A full security program runs on the computer in real time and provides warnings and security protection while working online. An additional little program is an add-on offered by Firefox called WOT, which provides website ratings while searching the Internet.

Many computer users do not know how to identify or recognize reliable Internet content. WOT prevents surfers from opening a bad website by providing a rating for each website. WOT will mark each website with a green circle if the website is a healthy, rather than harmful site. A red circle warns us not to open a site. These are malicious sites that harvest information or cause harm. WOT knows the rating for over 16 million websites.

Download the Mozila browser and surf the web with confidence.

Andres Berger has 4 years of experience writing about Download Mozila. You can get protected with this secure browser right now and get some lessons on PC security for free.

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