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Learn How to get free cable tv and keep up with technology

How to get free cable TV can boost us all into a SIFI type future, even virtual reality becomes possible. As or cassette tapes, records, and Video tapes, disappear. I believe our TV sets will as well.

Is the ability to advance in home entertainment limited due to our TV sets? While some nice Hi-definition programming is available now, what else can we get? Have we limited our potential because we are closed minded? Not everyone has. As you can see, many people are abandoning their norm of thinking and learning how to get free cable tv. While learning how to get free cable tv on the Pc is not yet a standard or has it even come close to its potential. I think it will pick up from the limited ability of our cable satellite TV providers.

While PC programming is very close to what cable supplies now, I see in the very near future huge leaps beyond our wildest thinking. Do you think we could move to interactive, virtual reality, image projection, or true 3 and 4 dimensional programming with our TV sets? While on vacation one year I visited a virtual reality game center. Now I can only imagine this being available in all of our homes. You look right; you look left and amazingly enough you're in the action of this reality TV. Now I'm not saying PC TV is to this point yet, but now I understand why our satellite and cable providers are getting nervous.

Also, think about this technology integrated with our phone and communication system. A projection of your son, daughter, parents, or anyone even in another country could be projected setting next to you and talking or interacting. All of this seems SIFI and maybe it does sound a bit like the old cartoon "The Jetsons".

However, all of this is possible through our growth and open mindedness. All of these things I mentioned are already out there in some form just waiting to find a way to incorporate them. So while SIFI is not even that much of a stretch, just imagine thinking about TV when we only had the radio. I do not think anyone even thought about these realities until they where introduced. I cannot predict what else is to develop. We as the consumer, drive the direction of technology with our willingness to bend with change.

I remember before I learned how to get free cable tv, having a TV that only got 4 channels about 35 year ago. Then we joined the race getting a 13 cable cannels 1 through 13 on the TV dial. Next cable came out with the converter giving us 18 channels, and then I bought a huge dish and got over 200 channels.

Ok I moved on and got direct TV to receive maybe 400 channels. Then digital cable caught up and the offered the ability to watch different programming in other rooms and it was less expensive. Now I have moved on to PC TV that offers 10,000 channels at a one time small up front fee. While my basement and house right now is laced with thousands of feet of wiring from my original cable, analog cable from my 10 foot dish, direct TV cables, and digital cable. I even have antenna wires running through.

I never had to add any wires for my PC TV I just clicked a key on my computer. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all those wires running through out the house. Learning how to get free cable tv on your computer is an excellent invention. It is voted best new product of 2008.

Watching TV online requires no additional hardware and when new channels become available they are automatically added. All the software necessary to view TV on the Internet use easy to use user interfaces. To watch TV on the computer is very simple. You just have to know where to look.

Watch concerts, festivals, and videos from all around the world. How about watching live sports that are not shown on normal satellite TV including your favorite sports team? As you learn how to get free cable tv you can watch local TV, world TV, Live TV, satellite TV from countries of all world. You can also watch your favorite TV series, music, news, sports, movies, comedy, religious, and adult content anytime you want. Watching in different languages on your PC not just at home, but at the OFFICE, work or wireless is also a plus. Create your own library of video content anywhere you have an internet connection.

No additional equipment needed. Watch Live Games, even the ones that your cable company does not show them. Your cable TV providers will not tell you what has happened to the television broadcasting industry. Internet has changed the traditional way to watch TV and brought TV programs to your computer or laptop with incredible low set-up fee but more exciting and plentiful programs and channels.

Is this article informitive to you, does this SIFI like very near future excite you, jump on the wagon and view these top sites moving in this direction.

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