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Is Windows Vista Really That Bad

Many people have been asking if windows vista is really that bad. They ask do they need it? They really consider if they should upgrade or not.

While windows vista has had its fair share of problems all is not lost. The operating system is actually pretty good. More so than most people give it credit for.

Microsoft put a lot more technology into vista then more people realize. This version of windows has many more features to keep your computer clean and running good. Past versions did not have these all important features.

There have been problems people have reported with vista but, they also reported problems when windows xp came out.

And since the release of service pack one for vista, it has fixed many of the problems people have been reporting.

It takes any company time to make things right and windows is no different.

The general rule of thumb is to not buy any new operating system until the first service pack is released.

That way you give them time to work out the bugs and get everything fixed. People do seem to complain a lot about vista but the truth is it aint really that bad.

It is the most secure windows to date and Microsoft is releasing updates vista on a regular basis to make sure everything is fixed.

Microsoft has to battle hackers and virus writers daily. There is always someone trying to break the windows code and make it inoperable.

When you think about it Microsoft does a great job fighting this and keeping everything up to date.

If you havent taken a look at vista you owe it to yourself to see what all vista has to offer.

It really is a pretty cool operating system and it is secure. Also it will only get better as time goes on. Dont listen to everyone talk about how bad it is.

Most of those people do not know how to operate windows correctly anyhow. And truly a mac really isnt that much better.

Microsoft cannot keeps tabs on every vendor that writes software for windows. That is why Microsoft has a rule.

Only load software that was certified by Microsoft to run on windows vista.

If you dont and you call for support they may tell you something you dont want to hear.

Read the book and the box that comes along with vista and you will see where its says to only load this type of software.

Just remember any new operating system that comes out does take some time to mature and get better. Give vista a try today you will be glad you did tomorrow.


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