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How Would You Like To Play Golf With Tiger Woods

I generally go to sleep, yawn, get restless, surf TV channels and do all sorts of other stuff when golf is on. Quite frankly, golf absolutely bores me. If you are a gamer though, things are quite different. The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 on Playstation 3 is a very exciting game to play. This particular series is going to be a blast.

Right from the beginning you will be amazed at the performance of the game. It loads in a few seconds. When the loading is done you are given many different options to choose from.

The most noticeable option is that of Career Mode. In this mode you can create your own custom golfer. Some of the other modes include: match play, alternate shot, battle golf, best ball, stroke play, skins, practice and many more. Each type of game has its own rules, but there is still something there for everyone.

One of the best matches to play is Battle Golf. It is basically match play with an entertaining twist. During this match you will play a normal golf game. But after every hole the winner gets a special treat. That treat is the removal of an opponents golf club.

That means any club in their set can be removed. It is a great feeling when your opponent has only a few clubs at his disposal while you still have all of yours. Creating and developing your own unique golfer is one of the highlights of the game. You get to design them to look like whatever you want. You are free to design your golfer right down to the very last detail.

You can also choose the type of reactions they have on the course. If all you got to do was design a character and just look at that character, the game would quickly lose its appeal. Luckily, theres much more to do with your created character than just looking at him/her, and the best thing to do is to start a career.

Career mode allows you to take your character through many different tournaments and matches. You will face off with some of golfs well known names, such as Tiger Woods, John Daly, Justin Leonard, Mike Weir, Jim Furyk, and many more. In order to compete with these pro golfers and become the best, you will have to create one heck of a great golfer. However, creating a superstar golfer is not that simple. After all, Tiger Woods did not become a great golfer over night. But thats beside the point.

The point is you will need plenty of training and practice to reach your peak as a golfer. You do that by taking your character through a few different mini games. They will develop your character's individual attributes. These are your characters different attributes: ball striking, driving accuracy, putting, recovery, power, power boost, approach, and spin. After each mini-game some of those attributes may increase. However, that will depend on your overall performance during the game, as well as what the mini-game's main focus was on.

Your starting character is going to suck. But with a few mini games under his belt the character will grow in talent and become a star golfer in no time.

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