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How Sexy Nokia Proves CDMA Can Be

It's common belief among cell phone fanatics that GSM phones are sleeker, sexier, smaller, and more advanced than their CDMA sisters. And that's a problem for Americans who don't get to see, let alone hold and use, the high-tech gadgets that come out in Europe and Asia before US carriers even start to consider them. US Carriers Sprint and Verizon are CDMA giants that usually dictate what we see in North America, while GSM handsets often make their way across the ocean in the grey market, unlocked and ready to use on AT&T, T-Mobile or Rogers Wireless in Canada. The frequencies don't always work the best over here, but many fans of the designs don't care. Those fans often won't use CDMA phones because of the lack of variety and "wow" factor.

GSM phones use SIM cards, which allow you to move your entire wireless account from phone to phone at will, while CDMA phones only use the sister technology RUIM cards in Asia. But now the CDMA world has just changed. A true sexy, high-end phone has been launched exclusively on Canada's Telus network. the Nokia 6265i.

This phone looks like a GSM phone to most cell phone users, and it has the features to back that assumption up -- and yet it's CDMA all the way, baby! If you find yourself confused by what you've read to this point, don't despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish. It's a slider form factor, something Nokia perfected long before LG and Kyocera started dabbling in phones that slide. This slide is spring-loaded with a ball bearing, making a smooth motion with the tiniest flick of the thumb, similar to the recent highly priced Nokia 8801, a GSM phone, but with a slightly different mechanism that slides over the keys inside of up and out. When closed, the 6265 has a mirror-like screen which is a cool QVGA resolution.

higher than any other competitor phone screens, and matched only by more expensive PDA units. The high-res screen is matched by the unheard-of 2 Mega-pixel camera, a first for CDMA phones in North America. And not only do the stills capture in 2 Mega pixels, close to twice what the closest competitor delivers at 1.3 Mega pixels, but the video capabilities are unsurpassed as well. Imagine. unlimited video clips, rather than 15 second clips, as long as you still have memory available.

And since it takes Mini-SD expandable memory cards, you can take that up to 2 GB. The Bluetooth functionality on this phone is completely free to transfer files and data phone to phone, phone to computer, and phone to printer, unlike most Bluetooth CDMA phones which only support headset profiles. And for music, this goes way beyond an MP3 phone. This new Nokia supports the cutting edge eAAC+ format, which makes files six times smaller than an MP3 with the same sound quality. Now your 2 GB card has just become 12 GB -- who needs an i-Pod? So for a new, sleek, sexy look to the CDMA front, don't miss the new Nokia 6265i -- if you can get it! It's usually on back order! Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of cell phone, mobile phone. Share your new understanding about cell phone, mobile phone with others.

They'll thank you for it.

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