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Hosted Exchange All Your Ducks In A Row

When you begin a business it is important to have all of your ducks lined up in a row, which is one reason that many choose to use hosted exchange 2007 for their email needs. When you begin your own business you will suddenly come to realize that the amount of money you make is unlimited, and that the only thing stopping you from making enough money to secure a life for you and for your family is your ambition. Unfortunately it also takes a knowledge of the internet and the ability to communicate with your team.

The best businesses keep in constant contact with their employees, partners, and even some of their important clientele. You can actually mesh technology and communication when you begin to use hosted exchange 2007. The CostsSome wonder how expensive Microsoft Exchange, the program that is used when you choose hosted exchange 2007, is. The program actually isn't terribly expensive.

It is well within the budget of any business, whether it is large or small. What is expensive, however, is the server. Any business wishing to use Microsoft Exchange 2007 in order to keep their employees connected and to make business easier has to get their own server. Buying, and maintaining, a server is extremely expensive, costing upwards of $22,000, depending on where you live and if you're willing to buy a halfway decent server or if you go for a used one that may not have very many miles left on it. These are costs that almost no small business, let alone a start-up business, can afford.

Easily AffordableYou can make things much more easily affordable and can remove a huge load of stress if you choose to use hosted exchange 2007. When you use hosted exchange 2007 you are putting your company's email into the hands of qualified professionals who have been running Microsoft Exchange since the program began. There are many benefits to choosing hosted exchange 2007, but one of the biggest benefits is when you choose to go with a company that will also allow you to use SharePoint. Understanding SharePointIf you choose to use a hosted exchange 2007 company that will also give you access to hosted SharePoint 3.0. SharePoint is an amazing program that will give your entire employee base access to important information and documents.

If there was a document that you wanted your employees to have access to, you can use hosted SharePoint 3.0 to make sure that it is available. You simply log onto the program and, using a simple interface, make the document available. That way an employee can access it or print it out no matter where they are. Hosted SharePoint 3.

0 is one major benefit to choosing a hosted exchange 2007 company. If you are looking not only to allow your employees to have access to their email and contact information easily, but also to make it easy for the entire company to have access to important documents, than hosted exchange 2007 with access to hosted SharePoint 3.0 is exactly what you should be looking for.

David Grantz, founding partner and Chief Information Officer of Exchange My Mail, located in Albertson, New York, had vision to recognize the importance of hosted e-mail in the "software as a service" venue, and acted on it. Visit

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