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GPS All You Need To Know About GPS GPS Devices

The worldwide Global Positioning System (GPS) network is becoming more and more popular each day. Known as a useful tool for mapmaking, land surveying, commerce, and scientific uses, GPS is now a widely used navigation aid world wide. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the fully functional Global Navigational Satellite System which will help in determining the location, speed/direction and time with the assistance of 24 medium earth orbit satellites. The GPS network consists of 24 navigation satellites, which orbit the planet at a height of approximately 12,000 miles. These satellites each orbit the earth twice every 24 hours, and they are set up in such a way that they can send signals to any location on the planet, whether it be land or sea, and no matter how remote.

The current GPS is divided into three major segments called space segment (SS), control segment (CS), and user segment (US).It is the navigation message broadcasted by GPS satellites that provides the time-of-day, GPS week number and satellite health information. How Does GPS Work? The software once created, gets improved by getting smaller. GPS device requires a radio emitter and a clock to work. The emitter sends the time of the clock to the satellite overhead.

The satellite then calculates the amount of time it took for the radio signal to reach them and then figures the distance from that. Three or four satellites compare their location and the time involved. They then show the location within about six inches depending on the accuracy of the unit's clock.

While the GPS technology does not really need a lot of space, the software that adds the functionalities expected by the consumer, actually does. Uses Of GPS In the advanced modern world, GPS is mainly used in various daily life equipments including mobile phones and more popularly in cars. The military uses GPS technology to guide missiles, track and control forces and facilities, and more. Many newer vehicle models come with a GPS feature, which can be used to get customized maps and directions from your current location, to a specified location. Just like automobiles, many boats and ships use GPS for navigation.

On top of that, GPS may be especially helpful during darkness, fog, or other low visibility conditions. Hunters, wilderness explorers, and other outdoor sportsmen may use GPS for navigation purposes, and / or to help find their way when lost. Many surveyors use GPS units to survey and establish boundaries and other locations or markers. And for those who loves fishing, with a GPS unit you can just plot the points and you will have that spot marked on your GPS so that you can go back to the same spot or just go find another good spot and mark that down on the GPS. Or perhaps if you are in your boat and you are lost you should have a plot that says home so that you can just activate home and it will send you in that direction. The list of the benefits and importance of GPS in our daily life grows as we speak.

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