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Cell Phones and the Best Plan That Might Work for You

I can only advise you of the 2 best companies in the industry as far as reports from the FCC on companies that have the best customer service and receive the fewest complaints to the FCC per million customers. If you can, I would go with U.S. Cellular or Verizon. They are both wonderful companies and carry good quality brand phones, such as Nokia, Motorola and LG. If you are getting new service or renewing a contract with either of these companies, you can get a new phone for practically nothing.

Manufacturers will get the phones to a test group and then have them use the phone and report back the results. This could be the case here. I would have to say that if the manufacturers website doesn't list it as released, then I would be leary about spending my money on it.

I would recommend going with Verizon Wireless. They offer one of the best networks in the industry and are a customer focused company. As far as phones, if you are looking at the most bang for your buck, I would recommend the LG 3300 or the Motorola V276,if you want a camera phone. Both phones are fairly priced and provide great quality. There are many pros and cons associated with buying a cellphone, whether it is Contract or Pay as You Go. Over here in the UK Pay as You Go has been very popular now that the mobile operators have realised that it is a realistic solution to draw in a younger market.

Most of the Pay as You Go options that I am aware of in the US are quite frankly ludicrous due to the fact that the operator who supply them are still trying to take too much of a cut. Take for example this section from Verizon Wireless Pay as You Go small print: 99˘ daily access will be charged and deducted from your account even on days you do not make or receive calls. Verizon Wireless will suspend service if you do not have the 99˘ required for your daily access, when your account balance reaches $0 or your account balance reaches the expiration date. Unlimited IN and Night minutes not available when your account balance has been suspended and subject to termination, at which time Verizon Wireless may charge up to $35 activation fee to re-establish service. Any balance remaining at expiration will be removed from the account.

The INpulse card is not valid unless initialized by the date on the back of the setup card. Service availability dependent on phone model. INpulse pricing not available with analog-only phones.

Voice mail setup and retrievals are billed at regular INpulse rates and will deplete minute allowance when calling from your wireless phone. Charge per call for 411 Connect may vary when not on the Verizon Wireless INpulse Coverage Area. Restrictions and limitations may apply.

Automatic connection and enhanced services are not guaranteed at all times or in all areas and rates may vary when roaming on another carrier. For connected calls, the part of the call that occurs prior to connection may have different rates from the part of the call that occurs after connection. Additional toll and long distance charges may apply.

You can make three requests per call and get automatic call completion for one requested telephone number at no extra charge. Using Get It Now, download charges may apply to application download. Airtime charges apply to application downloads and use of some applications.

Use of Get It Now is subject to the Get It Now License and User Agreements. You may be charged for downloading Get It Now applications. Charges vary by application and applications vary by phone.

Get It Now-enabled phone is required and may require a connection in the INpulse All-Digital Rate and Coverage Area. Existing Verizon Wireless prepay customers will forfeit any unused bonus minutes in their account when changing to the INpulse Calling Plan. There are far to many extra cost associated with this, that in the end you would probably end up paying out more than you would on a low monthly contract. I would sugest that you take a look at the contract phones available to you from different operators, I know that Verizon has very good coverage right accros the US, there are some very reasonably priced deals available that would be a lot less hassle and, in the long run cheaper than the Pay as You Go plan.

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