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Alternative Fuel Vehicles Reduce Oil Dependence

When one considers the limited availability of resources that the world consumes at such a high rate, the importance of research on and design of vehicles that run on alternative fuel is even more apparent. Fuel prices continue to rise at rates previously unheard of. If the trend of fossil fuel consumption continues, there will soon be a day with no oil left on Earth. Automobile manufacturers from around the world are seeing the potential of hybrid vehicles. These vehicles do not run on conventional fuels, such as diesel or petrol.

Electric cars also have potential, and were introduced to the consumer market years ago. As consumers become increasingly aware of energy conservation and environment preservation, many countries have started to replace their petrol vehicles with hybrid vehicles. Automobiles powered by alternate fuels are gaining popularity in every nook and corner of the world. They are in the 'priority- list' of almost everyone- film stars, businessmen etc. Bio- diesel, for example, is being used as a fuel for running cars and even large vehicles.

Alternative fuels have many advantages over regular fuels like petrol and diesel. All over the world automobile companies are now going into the production of green cars. Green cars are those which run on alternate fuels such as electricity, solar cells, or biodiesel. In a world where people everywhere worry about worsening pollution, smog, and global warming, green cars are likely the cars of the future. Studies have been conducted on energy alternative fuel vehicles which have proved that they use less fuel and have a higher miles-per-gallon ratio than traditional cars which run on gas or diesel.

It is true that energy alternative fuel vehicles are a little expensive at present, but as more and more people start purchasing such vehicles, their prices will definitely come down. There are many respiratory diseases which are the direct result of air-pollution. Automobile exhausts contain harmful gases which can cause allergies, respiratory infections as well as many other diseases. Alternative fuel vehicles are considered to be totally free from pollution. Since diesel or petrol are not used by these vehicles, there is no pollution in the environment.

In several countries cars powered by solar energy is becoming popular. Production of vehicles using alternative energy is being experimented by automobile manufacturers.

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