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A Beginers Guide to Getting started on the Internet part

House keeping basics This is intended to help anybody make money from the Internet, to make money and have time to enjoy it, so I recommend that if you haven't already, you should spend some time getting organized so that you do not have to waste time doing "housekeeping" that you can use productively. Pick a Browser The first tool that you should have is a good tabbed browser, I recommend Crazy Browser, with a pop up killer built in this is the best surfing browser I have tried, and while I try each new one that I find I keep coming back to this one Another good alternative is Firefox Which is a more widly use browser that works with nearly all applications. They are both very good, and while I do favor Crazy browser, I do also have Firefox on my machine. Extra Email accounts The next thing that you should consider, is do you want the email address that you use now to become loaded with adverts and other junk mail, if not I think its worth setting up free email accounts for use when signing up for traffic exchanges, safelists, or any offer that might get an auto responder reply.

You can get free accounts from Yahoo.

com Hotmail and many others. Because it is one of the newest walla has fewer subscribers so the chances of getting the name that you want is higher ( don't be put off that the site is in Hebrew, it works just like all the others). Roboform Another tool that saves me countless hours, is an automatic form filler and password utility called roboform, once you have filled in your profile, the utility can automatically fill application forms for you, it will also remember and fill in your login and password details for each site that you visit. You can download a free trial version here www.protrackerplus.

com/1421/robo.html Site Rotator To make life a little simpler, I use a rotator, which is a program where you enter the sites you want to advertise, and then advertise that rotator site URL. whenever the rotator URL gets a hit it shows the next site you have entered so each site gets equal exposure. If you need to pause or change a URL it is easy to do as you only need to change it once in your rotator instead of at every exchange.Because they can't control what sites are loaded into a rotator a lot of autosurf sites do not allow them. One of the best rotators available is pageswirl, and you can get a free 5 URL rotator here www. I shall continue this in the next part, where I shall look at hosting, traffic generation and payment processors.

By Graham Andrew Taylor Visit my Blog for more internet tips, articles and reviews

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